Thursday, April 14, 2016

Healing Animals -Breakthrough

Had a big breakthrough last night and this morning with understanding. But first there are 2 incidents I need to acknowledge. I wasn't going to talk about them at first, but now feel they are deeply relevant and should be shared.

#1 A couple weeks ago I went to the aquarium and after I first walked in decided to give blessings to the animals, bring Yaweh into the space, and call upon saints to connect me to the fish and watch over them. I felt pretty spiritually in-tune walking through. The last "exhibit" was a pool of manta rays you could essentially pet as they swum by. So in a state filled with grace and compassion tot he animals, I silently prayed over them and reached out. I pet a few small manta rays which was cool, and then finally at the end of 5 minutes a BIG manta ray swam right straight towards me, turned just below me, and I got to pet it. I felt in the moment like it was something Fated/Destined. Like Jesus was present. I then let go of my attachment to staying and felt complete. 

#2 Went to Cherokee Castle yesterday, which is a home modeled after a 15th century Scottish castle. It was high on a mountain ledge overlooking the vast city below. I felt into each room instinctually and started bringing God in. The main dining hall seemed kind of heavy. Some rooms were actually pretty light. Only 2 families had ever owned the home -which was made in the 1920s. 

I started learning about "Tweet" -the last woman who had owned the home until she died. We actually had a lot in common. She was an avid fan of art and an art collector. She was also spiritual, loved animals, and had shown animals in various fairs which she won prizes for -like I had rabbits. So at some point I actually reached out to Heaven and told Tweet directly as if she could hear me how much I appreciated her life and the wonderful things that she liked and did. I also appreciated that she didn't sell of her home, but turned it into a foundation so all people could see it. 

Then we went to the tower. I've been in high places before, especially in Europe and even Scotland viewing the landscape from original castle towers. Not afraid of heights. But up there as soon as I got close tot he edge it FELT like I was going to fall. There was a 5 foot wall around me, and I couldn't rationalize this fear at all. It was entirely unfounded. So I called in Jesus, God, some saints... anyone who could help. 

After about 3 minutes this CALM washed over me and I felt like I wasn't alone, like Jesus was with me, and there was nothing to fear. I couldn't understand where this feeling came from, but I got the sense that one day this tower would FALL. And I was feeling the Future impact of that event. So I prayed to Yahweh, Jesus, and Michael to protect the tower and the homestead. 

#3 I got an Angel Card yesterday that was posted by Doreen Virtue that was kind of interesting. Basically it said, "If you ask for your dreams to be guided to bring you clarity -they will be," And I do want to have greater clarity for what I'm meant to do and meant to be doing so I did put that out there to Heaven in general to help me out on.

Then last night I dreamed that I heald someone's dog. It happened so easily. The "light" just came through me as if it was Meant to be. Then I turned to one of the men that was around and said, "You may not believe me, but if you ever hear of an orca whale needing healing reach out to me because I feel I'm meant to heal that animal." 

I woke up and though, "Well there's some clarity. They basically just confirmed that I'm meant to heal animals. So then the immediate thought after was, "But HOW do I do it? What do I need to learn or DO?" Then the understanding came to me, "It's not something you have to Do, it's something you have to Be." 

And so I came to the understanding, "This is about Being connected to God's energy and Uniting with it. 

Then as I was laying in bed I could feel my soul extend beyond my hand. I've been able to control that/do that since I was about 23 years old. I do know what it feels like to extend the soul Outside of your body. So then I thought, "Maybe this is what I'm meant to do/be. I need to practice letting my "soul out of its cage" more." And you can also hand your 'head' over to your soul as well. It feels like you're watching your life rather than living it. Like you're in the back seat and you are instead seeing through your Souls eyes rather than the other way around. 

Mind is separate from the Soul, but the goal is to Unify them. Which is where intuitive perception comes from ultimately. 

I also got the sense that when you do this, your SOUL knows what to do. Your soul will do what is needed. Meaning if you want to heal an animal, hand over the reigns to your soul and it will Heal without you having to Think about it. 

Then Jesus made His presence felt and came close to me. I welcomed Him in and then started asking questions. 

I asked, "Will I find a job? Will I get a place of my own soon? will my financial troubles be remedied..." And as has been the way, He of course said, "Yes there is nothing for you to worry about." And I did feel alleviated and "calmed" for a moment, but I told Him, "I still worry about these things. You try to bring me peace and I know you want me to trust, but from time to time I still worry." 

And He calmed me again and I felt at peace again -as if there were nothing in the world I needed to concern myself over -and He said again, "I know you worry. Don't worry. All will be well. You are taken care of." 

I love Jesus. I don't care what religion you are or aren't -you could believe anything or in anything and I wouldn't care. What I really wish for people is that they could FEEL this loved. That they could FEEL this watched over and cared for. What I would wish for people is not merely the acknowledgement of Jesus' existence, but instead the Connection we can have with Him and the love He has for us. 

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