Friday, April 8, 2016

Visions in April -Discovering Ganesh

April 6th I wen tot bed and a vision came to me when I woke up the next day of what I sort of distantly recognized as the Hindu elephant deity.

I was confused by this for multiple reasons.

#1 Although I adopt Buddhist understandings, I am not Hindu and do not believe in "deities" -only divine beings of Heaven like Saints and Angels.

#2 It's an Elephant. While I do believe some animals are saints like Balto and Hidalgo, most sainted animals do not come across to humanity as being more or less human-like themselves in mannerisms and behavior.

#3 I didn't even know his name. I thought it was "Gamesh".

But this image came to me and seemed important to draw. The main significance of this being to me was that when he looked at towards me it felt like he could "See" me. Like he understood me. This is an intelligent being of wisdom and/or knowing more than anything.

Then I went to watch my friend's house April 7th, yesterday. My friend is very business savvy and distantly spiritual/open-minded. But when I was sitting on the floor I saw this note attached to a wall hanging she had:

I thought, "Wait is that the elephant guy I drew???" I started noticing some Buddhist/Hindu/New Age books around her place and then kind of decided to give her the book Our Appointment with Life by Thick Nhat Hanh. I had lent my copy to my friend Agatha about a year ago and bought an extra copy for myself thinking I'd never see the original again. Last week the book came back to me after she mailed it. So now I have an extra copy of a Buddhist book that has elephants on the cover and I'm thinking I'm meant to give it to my friend Katie whose house I'm watching.

Still don't know that much about Ganesh, other than how to spell his name correctly now. Not sure that that being does, only that Katie seems to have a connection to him and God found a way to reach back through me.

The other weird thing about the image I saw was that the elephant moved, so it was again almost like a video clip. He was clearly wearing some kind of vest/jacket and appeared in front of some kind of mandala/chakra/flower design.

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