Monday, November 17, 2014

The Fishbowl Effect

Sunday Morning I came across an old revelation that hit me anew. I call it "The Fishbowl Effect" -kind of like a scientific phenomenon similar to Gravity, only it's more of a spiritual/metaphysical principle.

I use the Metaphor of a Fishbowl to explain this phenomenon. In a literal Fishbowl, a FISH can swim afloat of the bottom of the bowl because the water carries it and makes it weightless. The fish moves WITH the water and "goes with the flow" of its force. This creates a sort of union with fish and water where the two move in a similar way and correlate energy. The fish can choose to move THROUGH the water and WITH the water. The "weight" of the fishes body becomes secondary and insignificant as it swims up and down as it chooses in defiance of "gravity".

In a similar way, a PERSON can create a fishbowl effect with God. If you surround yourself with God's grace and energy -or rather tap into the energy force that is ALWAYS present and there -and carry God's energy force of Grace WITHIN you and then make a UNITY between these two forces, your body becomes irrelevant to Gravity's Law. Your body is like a thin layer of paper stuck between two magnets linked together. The paper can then be moved at will by the two magnets moving in Union as they choose. 

What relevance does this principle have to our physical reality? Moses. When Moses reached the sea he used the energy of Grace in his being and connected it to the External energy force of God around and the SEA became the paper between two magnets. The sea's relation to the laws of gravity was made irrelevant. God's force could be used to part the seas and Moses could direct the seas to stay parted. 

In kind, levitation could occur under this principle. If a person chose, they could harness God's external grace energy and the energy within their own body and physically rise above the ground because gravity's principles would have no hold. The weight of gravity and any other PHYSICAL LIMITATIONS would be defied by the SPIRITUAL Force and Energy. It would make the physical seem like an illusion mankind had been oppressed and defined by. The soul would be held back by NO physical limitation. 

This principle goes on and can be applied to other ways a Soul in UNION with God in this Fishbowl Effect can impact other aspects of physical limitation. The body having a Cancer or Disease for example could be effected in such a way that the Body and Disease would be Sandwiched in Between God's Energy Force AND the Energy Force of God WITHIN. The Disease, Pain, Physical Limitation could then be Given God's Grace Energy and be eradicated. 

In practice it would be hard to tap into this energy and achieve this kind of spiritual state within yourself. Not easy. But it is THERE. It's there for the taking. It's available to be tapped into. 

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