Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Time Management

Building off of the Fishbowl Effect, we can now move to the concept of TIME. 

Time is fluid like a river. It goes infinitely in one direction form the past to one direction called the future. Technically the "Past" is more like "Up River" in that it STILL exists, it is just harder to reach since we are moving steadily along in a canoe downstream. 

#1 Connecting to the Past 

There are 2 ways a person can "reach" the past. The first is by going a couple seconds Back in time In Body. This can be done through the Fishbowl Effect but has a very limited capacity because it's done Physically. 

If a person were to leave their body and be in a conscious "ghost-like" state, they could then travel Further into the past and see what was. Their ability to interact with the past would be limited, being in a spiritual state, and it would mostly be to Observe the past rather than change it.

#2 Altering the Present 

Things that can be done in "present time" In Body include Slowing Time through the Fishbowl Effect and Speeding Up Time.

#3 Connecting to the Future 

Like the Past Situation, there are 2 ways a person can reach the future. The first is Physically In Body "passing through" time. This allows for a seemingly "teleporting" kind of effect where you slip through Time for a couple seconds forward into the future. In order to go Further into the future, you would have to leave your body in a spiritually conscious state and again mostly just be able to Observe the Future. 

Observing and Perceiving the Past and Future also work in another way: 

1. Past leaves memory on the Earth -especially with very Traumatic and Emotionally impactful moments. These memories can then be "tapped into" or come across by people who perceive them. This is how some people get "residual haunting" effects in places where wars took places. 

2. The future to my knowledge is seen in 2 ways: Either God sends you a vision of what's going to happen, or your psyche itself is in tuned with that trajectory of knowing what is coming down the line from the future.

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