Thursday, November 20, 2014


It's weird. About a month ago when it was made clear to me that I needed to go "full time" in pursuit of the spiritual path I was being called to I thought, "Who is going to support me in this?" 

All I knew was my mom "believed" me and my sister affirmed I wasn't crazy. But I never thought that the rest of my family and friends would agree it was a good move for me to quite my 9 to 5 job and pursue a "spiritual path" -especially since that path itself wasn't clearly defined and doesn't give a regular paycheck guarantee.

I thought my dad would be my biggest opposition. But instead he had intuitively sensed it coming and gave me his full support and encouragement. And my friends Leslie and Jos agreed it was the right path for me and were proud I was going after it. And even my co-workers Andrea and Laura supported me after they found out why I was leaving the company I've worked for the past 3 years in. 

It's weird. You don't think people are going to have your back when it's something like this, but the people who know me best are more like, "Well what took you so long?" 

The only person I've come into a little bit of an issue with was my step-dad. It sounded like he had gone off on an "intuitive tangent" in his life at some point and was worried I was going to be carried away on a fanciful whim rather than logically decide what the best strategy would be. I reminded him of my analytical, logical, rational mindset and my risk-avoiding tendencies in life. I wouldn't be doing this unless I was 100% sure about it. 

Outside of family there are a few "friends" I worry might judge me harshly for leaving the practical for the spiritual. Mostly just engineers with atheist tendencies who don't believe the soul even exists in the first place. It's hard talking with them because you can try to share genuine experiences you've had and they ignore you and write it all off as "your imagination". I wish them well, but I also wish they wouldn't put people down for believing in more than just the physical reality that surrounds them.

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