Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mental Justification for Spirituality

My sister has a book on her desk at work. 300 pages long. It is a deep, indepth examination and justification for Metaphysical (spiritual) Phenomenon. 

And I was thumbing through it, waiting for her to come back so I could talk to her, and thought the entire premiss of the book was sad. It examines Theology, Philosophy, Research, History, Biology... ALL to justify and explain things like how a person can be psychic and how meditation helps a person get more in touch with their own spiritual energy. 

The fact is, if you can't explain Metaphysics in 3 pages -you're trying too hard. It's simple. You FEEL your soul and/or the souls and spiritual matter of those around you. You can feel like like people feel electrostatic charges rubbing a full balloon on their head making their hair stand on end. It does NEED scientific explanation -even though it can be scientifically explained. Even LESS helpful is philosophical reasons why the phenomenon would occur.

Basically what happened was a bright, intuitive individual had some spiritual experiences and FELT mentaphysical energy in some capacity. Then because he didn't want to look like an idiot when trying to explain this to friends, he wrote 300 pages explaining why something like that might occur -thereby justifying in his mind that he wasn't crazy. The book went on to gain next to NO popularity and ran into issues revolving around the fact the General Population is not going to waste their time reading 300 pages on in depth research on something they can borderline PHYSICALLY experience in person.

It's like blindfolding a person from birth and only TELLING him about a substance called fire without allowing him to see it. Writing a book about it and describing it would be USELESS unless you made him feel heat and warmth -or he experienced the pain from its flame. You can't justify 300 pages trying to justify an experience you can have in person OFF the PAGE.

It's a mental insecurity to think that 300 pages are needed to justify something you know in your mind and your soul to be true. Especially if other people are capable of experiencing these things themselves. Sometimes people let their heads get in the way of their souls. It's an instinct and an insecurity that then severs people further from their soul. In an attempt to justify your own nature and the nature of humanity from God -you instead sever yourself further from it.

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