Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Religion Today

There are a couple major issues with religion that keep coming up. 

The first is that ALL religions have either been corrupted or have been founded on misinformation.

Secondly, ALL religions act like they stop with their "creator". Like the story ends with its own time and then gets "lost" to time. They act like Spirituality and Truth and God's Relationship with Mankind aren't constantly ongoing. It has always been and continues to always be. 

The Saints are a good example of this. There have been people that have done amazing feats to help, sacrifice, and save people -but these individuals aren't exactly "added" to the Bible. And religions also seem to have difficulty adding certain people they might be prejudice against at the time. For instance if a God-Inspired person rose and freed thousands of slaves by performing miracles, but the people in charge of writing religious scriptures were in support of slavery -then that "Saint" might not get written about. For instance, few people would consider Martin Luther King Jr. to be a Saint. But he was spiritually led by God to lead people, he was imprisoned, "martryd", and helped progress the freedoms of black people in America. 

The other amusing thing I've noted is what religious/spiritual people will argue about and cause conflict over WITHIN a religion. 

In Jesus' time the debate was, which is greater: External Acts for God or Internal Connection to God? 

Today the debate is: Is it better to follow the Scripture/Doctrine/Law of a Religion or the Spiritual Connection/Intuition Towards God? 

To Trust the Soul or the Written Word? 
To Do Great Acts or Act Good? 

Why people think it's a 1 or the Other I don't know. Why not just choose TRUTH and GOD. 

Why not choose to ACT on Truth and God and BE with Truth and God?

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