Tuesday, October 14, 2014

7 Years from Now

It is October 14th 2014. In 7 years the Saints will be told of their duties. They will then go out and fulfill their purpose by liberating people.

The first Saint will be the Saint of WOMEN. She will be the Hub/Center of the group like Jesus was to His disciples. She will lead by example and do ALL that the other Saints will eventually do after 7 years from now -starting now. She will:

-Cast out Demons from Earth
-Help Ghosts cross over
-Communicate with Animals to Help Nature
-Sing songs of God and Grace
-Save Children from Rape and murder
-Save Women from Rape and murder
-Hold Rapists and Murderers Accountable
-End Sex Trafficking Country by Country
-Begin Physically Healing People through Spiritual Means
-STOP Wars and Confront Dictators who then STOP harming people and completely change their ways

At this point towards the end of her 7 years alone with no other assistance from Saints on Earth she will become well known -especially from the Healings.

She will then go out and start telling the Saints in person of their specific duties they been chosen for. She will assure them that it can be done since she will have already done it ALL. Then they will go out in large numbers in total and small groups individually and systematically End WARS, Heal people, Save the Oppressed, and Educate People on Truth and Spirituality.

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