Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Coming Saints

Biblically speaking, let's review what makes sense.

When God made man, mankind was pure and uncorrupted. Then The Devil took advantage of Mankind's good, trusting nature and poisoned it with the knowledge of evil.

After that man fell prey to the Devil and was manipulated into doing evil. The devil corrupted mankind.

At any point would it make sense for God to hate mankind during all of this? Knowing it was trust and a genuine misleading that mankind would not have involved his/herself with had it not been for underhanded coercion?

And does it make sense for God to be angry or blame in the first place? Blame and anger are usually associated with those down below.

So let it be understood then, that when the Final Coming happens, ALL beings on Earth will RISE to Heaven. It's assumed Heaven will lower itself to Earth and Descend. But in reality, Earth would release gravity, let go of "weight" and heaviness and RISE to Heaven as all souls do. They would then be less "physically" weighted and would become physically "lighter".

And there are rumors that NOW is that time. As it has always been whenever things get bad people assume it's the end. Like the Hollocaust. And the Black Plague. But why do people assume the Final Coming will be BAD?

Firstly they call the Final "Judgement". But God doesn't judge, He FORGIVES. It would be the Final Forgiveness. And if you had to choose between a Vision of a peaceful transition into Heaven that people would look forward to or a Dark Vision of Hellfire and Pain that would make people dread it -Which would you choose and who do you assume would have came up with the last one?

And why do people assume that people belong in Hell in the first place? The Devil did NOT make mankind and therefore has no right to God's children. Puragtory exists for this reason. When a serial killer goes to enter into Heaven, he receives Forgiveness, Empathy, and Peace. Empathy ensures he understands the pain he has caused and will not cause it again so Heaven's peace can be maintained. Given that, why would Hell ever be needed. The nature of Hell is torment -not Grace. It perpetuates pain -it doesn't end it.

This is how the Final Coming will occur:  

The past has been in Hell's hand since before Jesus came to Earth. Hell still has bled into Earth even AFTER Jesus came. But now 2000 years AFTER Christ has come, a shift has been made. Hell has been silenced. Earth will now fall into Heaven's hands. Before Earth can rise to Heaven it must have Heaven established on Earth.

Now that Hell is out of the way, Saints will rise is great number. We've formerly only seen a few come at a time. Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Moses... Now many will rise in a specific order based on the Liberation of Those Most Oppressed.

Round 1 has begun.

Round 1 will cover the following:

-Children (Ending Pedophilia, Child Brides, Enslavement, Abuses...)

-Women (Ending Rape, Murder, Objectification, Enslavement, Abuses...)

-Ending ALL War  and Genocide (Because the "spoils of war" and its victims are always women and children)

-"Mother" Nature (Humane Treatment of Animals, Saving the Environment, Ending Natural Disasters...)

-Ending Demons, Ghosts, and other spirits time on Earth

-Alleviating Poverty/Homelessness (Most homeless people are women from domestic abuse and children)

-Ending Racism

-Ending Starvation

-Liberating Gays/LGBTQ from Oppression

-Ending Religious Corruption

-Curing People (Ending Disease, Mental Disorders, Illnesses...)

-Ending Land Control/Government Abuse of Power

-Ending Drug Abuse

-Fixing Over-population

-Ending Loneliness/ Overworking

After these NO human will be harmed for ANY of these reasons. FEW if any of the Saints will be killed mid-duty.

2000 years will follow of (98%) PEACE on Earth. THEN Earth will rise to Heaven.

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