Thursday, October 9, 2014

DEA Issue

A New York woman is suing the Drug Enforcement Agency after an agent used her name and racy photographs without her consent to create a fake Facebook page to catch criminals.

A Couple Points to the DEA: 

1. You can’t say it is justifiable to use photographs of a woman to catch criminals without her consent just because she was formerly arrested for drug possession.

2. There were CHILDREN in the photographs you then knowingly put at risk.

3. “I think people are willing to give up some level of privacy in the name of national security” -WITH CONSENT. WILLING = CONSENTING = INFORMED

4. You’re not catching terrorists so don’t act like she’s a soldier who signed herself up for the front line to defend the honor of America -you’re the DEA. You’re using her photo to purposely allure those involved with drugs and possibly rapists and pedophiles (given the children’s photos being used as well). 

5. Some of the photos were called “racy” which in my book implies you purposely put SEXUAL photographs of a woman up to catch SEXUAL predators without her knowledge or her consent. So in essence: You are treating a woman as a sexual means-to-an-end without her consent... Think about that one.

Where do you guys come up with this sh*t?!!! Who was in that meeting and said, “Problem: We need to find drug dealers and other seedy characters. Solution: Find a picture of some attractive female and create a fake Facebook page to lure them in. Problem: What woman in her right mind would knowingly put herself in that kind of risk? Solution: One that doesn’t know…”

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