Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Where's Henry?

I haven't talked about/mentioned Henry in a while. I recently found out he actually visited me when I was a teen. When I was 17 I wrote poems for a little while -and I realized that some of the poems were actually written by/influenced by him.

Basically Henry isn't around right now. Jesus finally convinced him to stay in Heaven and watch over me from above. I haven't heard from or seen him around since then. It's been about a month or two now. I have other entities around me right now that are guiding me.

I'm glad he's in Heaven where he can be taken care of and can find peace. I found out our past together wasn't as great as he made it seem. Apparently in our previous life he and I literally fought one another and argued all the time. He loved me, but it was also an abusive marriage. He apologized to me before he went to Heaven and at the time I just forgave him not knowing why. I was late told about the way he had treated me in the past.

I'm at peace with everything. This life is My life. I have a lot to accomplish and although it's been good hearing about what has happened in times before, it's important to look forward and move on.

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