Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Truth

I've had past debates about "The Truth". One thing that's been made clear to me lately is how the Truth gets demeaned in different ways. I decided to make a graphic to help illustrate my point. 

The 4 main ways people demean the truth is by:

1) Exaggerating or Embellishing upon it (usually for gossip and attention) to make it seem greater than it is

2) Hide the truth -usually because the person is ashamed of something coming to light they wish would remain unknown

3) Shrink or Demean the truth to make it seem less than it is -usually to justify something or cause pain

4) Mock the truth so any significance form it is ignored/avoided 

A more In-depth look at Truth and Significance Avoidance = 

1)  Exaggerate the Truth
-Rambling (Turning truth into a "story")
-Gossip (Use truth to get attention)
-"Tall Tales"

2) Hiding the Truth
-Hypocrisy (A betrayal of an established truth -later uncovered)
-"Double Speak" (Misleading or Masking the Truth)
-Silence (Making it seem like there is no Truth) 
-Lying (Evading the Truth by Covering it Up)

3) Demean the Truth
-Blasphemy (Not necessarily religious -Disrespect of that which is considered Sacred/Significant)
-Harassing (Using the Truth to harm someone) 
-Harsh Criticism/Judgment

4) Mock the Truth
-Mimicry (Mocking through Pretending/Faking/Copying)
-Humiliation (To deter someone from embracing Truth)

All of these things lead to Avoiding or Demeaning Significance and Truth. You're either trying to stop the Truth from being heard outright or your trying to use it to your advantage and someone else's determent. 

The truth should never be held against anyone or burried. It's best just to accept it and speak it as clearly as you can with compassion and humility. 

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