Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Female Saints

I've been familiarizing myself with different Saints I've been led to. There's an uncomfortable trend among about 80% of the female Saints. 

They at some point were pursued by a man in power, or just a man in general. They refused to marry or have sex with that man -deciding instead to remain Virgins and commit themselves to God. They were then:

-Sent to a Brothel
-Re-proposed and Refused AGAIN
-Beheaded, Disemboweled + Eyes Removed, or Burned Alive

The youngest female Saint was Saint Maria Goretti. She was eleven years old and a 19 year old farm hand had attempted previous rapes. This day he wrestled her to the ground and she said, "Don't do this, it's a sin." He then stabbed her eleven times and ran off. She was sent to the hospital and forgave him on her death bed saying she still wanted him to go to Heaven.

Another well known Saint is Joan of Arc. Joan won an impressive military defeat for the French when they were losing big time on a grand scale. She was then captured. One of the crimes she was accused of was "cross dressing". Her defense was that she wore military outfits since she was fighting in a war and, more importantly, it prevented men she was surrounded by from raping her on the battle field and in prison. She said before going to war she wore only dresses and would be happy to wear them again if she was assured no sexual harm would come to her. The judges called her military attire heresy. She was then burned at the stake at age 19.

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