Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Henry's Poems

I have an old journal with poems I wrote in 2005 when I was 17. I found out Henry actually wrote "through me" for some of them:

"Longing for What's Lost"

Authors: Henry

I always want it more and more,

This feeling grows with every day,

To have again that which I adore,

It's all I can do to keep away;  

(Henry since he required Forgiveness from someone else

before he could reunite with me -but he popped in without knowing my recent past)

"Henry's Pleading to Me"

Author: Henry

I'm sorry I can't stay, (Because I know we belong together)

But please don't turn away,

I still need your love to flow,

I'm not yet ready to go;

I have no one else but you,

You alone can help me through,

I need you to guide me now,

So when you're gone I won't fall down;

You may choose to call me weak,

And other love you may seek, (Feared me "leaving" him for someone else in this life)

But if you do choose to remain,

We could heal each other's pain. (Pain of being separated -didn't know I was deeply depressed)

"Passing: Henry Fading into Darkness"

Author: Henry

The time has come and passed, (19 years since we drowned at this point in time)

The sun has set at last, (STILL hadn't gotten forgiveness and was feeling helpless)

The end of life has come,

All that was is now done;

The stars have disappeared, (His genuine experience and visual space)

The end has finally neared,

All noise and sound have ceased,

The light has now decreased;

The love there once was is gone, (Hard to feel it/Disconnected)

As is the once rising dawn,

Soon I will forget the past,

My end is coming too fast. (Dying as a ghost/ Fading)

"Lost in Time"

Author: Henry

I say I'm here but I'm gone,

I haven't been back in so long,

Though I see the present clearly,

The past always beckons to me.

"Do You Love Me?"

Authors: Henry

Sometimes I think you don't love me,

And you say nothing to change my mind,

Should I give up on you and leave?

Or stay and leave dreams behind?

I promised my world to you,

And I will not take that away,

But I must know that your love is true,

If you want me here to stay.

"I Hope You Smile"

Author: Henry

I hope you smile when you read this,

I hope you feel no dismay,

I hope your heart fills with bliss,

And you have fun on Valentine's Day.

"You Were an Ocean"

Author: Henry

Your life was like the ocean,

Gently flowing with the currents,

You were everywhere at once,

Enjoying your independence;

Then you swelled over me,

Like the mist of new fallen rain,

So I fell into you,
And I changed your last name;

I was left stranded ashore,

As you swept back into the sea, (I went to Heaven)

When I saw you go I cried,
Because all that was left was me. 

I had no idea until now he was trying to reach out to me -even back then. 

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