Thursday, October 9, 2014

Non-Christian = BAD?

I was reading some words from a minister recently and noted some interesting points. The minister was basically arguing that people in this day and age rely too heavily on technology for social interaction and because of that are losing genuine connection in a spiritual way with other people. They are then cutting themselves off from God, because to fully understand God you need to see His design and nature in those who bring those unique qualities from within them out that is unique to them. We ALL have pieces of the greater puzzle and you miss it when you don't SEE people for who they are and then connect with them in unity.

I'm actually paraphrasing to an extent that's almost embellishment. His words weren't this Conceptual. Instead it felt more like nagging. And then it went down hill altogether: 

If you don't have people coming to church regularly then there's a risk they will "stray" and go to bars, join gangs, or get involved in "Non-Christian Self Help Groups". 

WHAT?... Since when is a Self-Help group a bad thing? Toastmasters seems to be helping people just fine. And there are other groups that do not directly call themselves "Christian" that are doing great works for people. I hate when people claiming to be "Christian" -aka Followers of Christ get too caught up in the Religion and lose sight of GOD and JESUS.

The general assumption is "Non-Christian" = BAD. But GOD is in EVERYTHING. There are some things that go AGAINST GOD -like Satanism for example. Or Murder. Or Domestic Abuse. But things that are for GOOD like I don't know... HELPING PEOPLE in a group with community support, tend to come from ABOVE -not HELL.

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