Monday, October 27, 2014

Pay Outs

There is a formula used in the Forum that CAN be useful if used in the right way. 

#1 What is the perpetual COMPLAINT/Issue you keep on having -either about yourself, someone else, or life in general

#2 HOW to you ACT when this complaint/issue Arises?

If your Reaction is one of the Following:

1) YOU Being Right or Someone/Thing ELSE Wrong
2) Being Dominant or Avoiding Domination 
3) Justifying Yourself or Invalidating Others
4) You Winning/ Someone Else Losing 

You are then depriving yourself of: 

1) LOVE/ Affinity/ Connection
2) Genuine Self Empowerment
3) Self -Expression 
4) Self -Fulfillment/ PEACE

For example, with ME: 

-I complain/struggle with NOT Feeling Like I'm Good Enough
-I react by closing myself off and avoiding "taking risks" 
-I do this by Justifying myself, by saying things like, "Well YOU can't do that amazing thing..."
-It then costs me Self-Expression and Sharing myself with other people

So stop giving into everything you're not. Take back what you deserve. Love, Power, Peace, Fulfillment.

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