Saturday, December 20, 2014

Innocence and Wisdom


The interesting thing about innocence is that people often associate it with the Young -namely children -and then NO other age group. Maybe the elderly, but not often. 

Innocence is a state of original purity, wonder, grace, peace, joy, and virtue. People believe that as you get older and more "tainted" by the world and its pains you LOSE this innocence. In fact if you aspire to be seen as "innocent" as a teen or adult you are often judged harshly and called a prude as if there is something wrong with you -so far removed from innocence people are at that time in their lives. 

Innocence is then condemned or deemed some state people can't reach past youth and those that aspire for it are seen as strange or highly unusual. 

But I know that innocence has nothing to do with whether or not you saw or experienced bad things. It IS a state you can return to because it is a State of Being and a Mentality. Because of this, it is Unconditional or can be unaffected by external conditions. At the end of the day it is a reclaiming of the inherent nature of the soul. It's light, grace, and peace. 


Wisdom on the other hand is often associated with the Elderly and very few other age groups. Wisdom is more than just the knowledge of facts, and can in fact be had by the illiterate and those who lack an education. Wisdom is a Calm and a Spiritual Knowing. A certainty towards the unknown. Wisdom is the use of what knowledge there is to bring about peace and enlightened understanding in some way. 

Since it is Wise to be Innocent and full of Grace, I would argue that Children are often some of the wisest people on the planet. NOT because they know everything logically, but because of their intuition, their trust, their unquestioning understanding and acceptance of things others struggle with. 

If Jesus appeared to an elderly person and told them to walk across a lake of water, the elderly person would over-think things and not be able to. Their Mind would get in the way of their Soul. A child on the other hand would have the inherent wisdom of knowing certain possibilities can exist without need for explanation thanks to Trust. A child could walk across water where an adult wouldn't be able. 

In the end, Wisdom and Innocence know no age because they are both inherent to the soul and can be connected to at any time and any age inspite of anything and everything. 

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