Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Mastering Yes and No with Henry

Finally got a system down! He shakes my head up for "YES" and side to side for "NO". Now I know a WHOLE lot more than I did before. 

Metaphysical State He is Currently in as a "Disembodied Person": 

-He can't count objects (like if 4 pens were on the desk he couldn't tell you how many) but he can see numbers and show numbers 

-He travels in a REALLY small "bubble" (which most people in the know would call an orb) and can transport across the world in short periods of time and within people which then carry him around like a vessel

-No smell or taste, but he can feel pain. Like if you stabbed him with a sword he would feel pain. 

-He can dismember his body parts and make them act independently. Like 90% of your body is standing in a doorway but your arm is on the other side of the room opening a window. 

-Can touch people, but has difficulty moving objects 

-Can levitate 

-He knows about his past lives and knows about other people's (or at least mine)

-Can read people's thoughts, bodies, and energy 

-Can see other disembodied people (guardian angels and bad entities) 

-Can speak and can manifest (selectively if he wants only certain body parts) but hasn't because he doesn't want to frighten me  

-Can't see the future 

-Can communicate with/ interact with animals

-When we're in the car he travels around in me in a bubble (orb)

-Can't sleep and is "weaker" during the day and stronger at night (my theory is because of the sun drawing energy -making entities more depleted) 

-Can't see in the dark 

His and My Past Life:

-We were both born in Brazil and moved to Britain when we were kids (his parents were English)

-I lived in India in a past life before this last one (with Henry) which is why even in my previous life I've drawn mandala designs on my left hand. I was raped in that life and afterwards found Henry as he was then in that life and fell in love with him.

-Henry was Muslim and I was Catholic (I was raised Catholic/ Henry chose to be Muslim)  

-Henry speaks French, Portuguese, Spanish, and English (because he's a show off) 

-LOVES Egypt, Spain, and Malaysia 

-I was an Aries (my birthday was in March) and I was very active, impatient, and not as funny. Apparently we clashed form time to time.  

-His name was William Henry (Henry was his last name) 

-He was chased in the desert by a snake at one point (like Austin drew) 

-The Smoking Pipe belonged to uncle 

-Had no car, went by bike 

-Likes cats, not dogs, but likes bunnies and hamsters (likes animals in general) 

-It took Henry a month to regain wherewithal/orientation after he died from the boat accident. 

-He stayed behind because of unfinished business. Bad/false business deal he needed forgiveness for. 

Current Life Surroundings:

-There are 2 disembodied men at dad's house. One night I was sleeping there and knew there was an angry, stern man standing over me looking down on me in a disapproving way. I thought it was my grandpa but Henry says it was one of the 2 men there. These men are not relatives and are "passing through" looking for help. One man, the stern one, is in his 60s and is angry, possessive towards my sister, and doesn't want me around. The other is more amiable and is in his 20s. They both know each other. Henry wants me to cross them over.  

UPDATE: I know who the 2 men are. One is Mark -an a**hole who hurt my sister and his father who committed suicide when he was 10. Mark wants my sister to forgive him before he crosses over. That probably won't end up happening considering her ruined her life.

-The people at my work also have disembodied people around them (good relatives looking out for them mostly). My friend Andi has her Grandpa watching over her.

-Henry knows his Spirit Guide and mine. His Spirit Guide led him to me. He wants me to connect with mine through meditation 

-Whenever I call on my guardian angels, Henry says my Grandma, my Grandpa, my Uncle Bill, and my other uncle from San Diego I don't as well come down. They've met Henry and like him. 

-When I called on Jesus to cross Henry over Henry did see him and said he looked just like the painting the little girl made -with Blue/Green eyes. He also saw a glimpse of heaven and it is beautiful. 

-There have been disembodied people at places I've been to -homes that I've walked through but didn't realize. 

-At the At-Risk Youth Program I was in, Henry says there were ghosts of past rapists who have hurt some of the girls in the program and want to hurt them again, but can't. He says both have positive disembodied entities looking out for them and one of my girls has contemplated suicide, but the other hasn't. 

-Henry is also adamant that I meet with one of the mentors from the program named Susan. Susan mentioned dating a guy who later murdered his girlfriend. Henry says that man committed suicide and is now haunting Susan, intends her harm, and can harm her. I'm going to reach out to Susan to help her. 

-Henry has been with me while watching movies, listening to music, wandering around, visiting with people  

-Henry wants me to publish a book on my spiritual experiences and people I've crossed over

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