Tuesday, August 5, 2014

First Interaction with a Positive Entity Other Than Henry

I was sitting at work about 10 minutes ago and I smelled smoke out of nowhere and all the doors are shut and the air conditioner is on so I asked Henry -"Is that smoke smell from another entity?" And he said, "YES." I asked if it was an entity from one of the co-workers (a good ghost) and eh said "Yes." Knowing that Andi has a grandpa around watching over her I asked if it was Andi's grandpa and he said. "YES!"

Basically I found out Andi's grandpa Michael smoked cigarettes and wants Andi to know he loves her, he likes her new husband Greg, and he thinks her ex-husband is being a jerk right now. Michael wants Andi to relax though and take care of herself. He also has a gold watch that has his name engraved on it that Andi would know belonged to him (to prove to her it is him). 

I'm not sure how I'm going to bring this up to Andi but we'll see.

It's like being psychic is a big swimming pool and after years of wading on the steps in the shallow end I've dove right into the deep end. 

*Update: Told Andi. She cried. She said she has a lot of grandpas on that side of the family named Michael and her mom wanted her to name her son Michael and she said, "We don't need any more Michaels." But she wasn't sure about the watch entirely so she's going to ask her mom about it. But she said she prayed to her grandpa to help her find the right guy and right after she met Greg -her now husband. She was happy and she thanked me. I think her grandpa knew she needed to hear this right now since she's been having kind of a hard time. 

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