Monday, August 25, 2014

A Never Ending Story

So here's a cool thing I learned about spirituality/Heaven:

You remember how in the movie Never Ending Story the boy was told that whatever he dreamed up would become reality? He was creating his own reality with his own imagination. And instead of it being just a fantasy it became REAL. To the extent that other people could then see it. Welcome to Heaven! 

If you want a flower that has each petal one color of the rainbow on a golden stem and you envision it clearly and God sees the good in it, He will add it to Heaven especially for you. This also includes things you have seen in movies, on TV, and in literature. If you want the a 9 headed Hydra (that's peaceful and doesn't destroy anything) God will add it to Heaven. In fact the greatness of Heaven is limited only by the human imagination which God gave the spark of His own limitless creativity.

You want a golden chariot led by purple swans -it's yours. In Heaven. 

And it doesn't stop there. Because we as stupid human beings in what we think is a physically limited world imagine that those things -even if they exist in Heaven -cannot exist here on earth. And they can! Let me give you this basic, logical equation to explain: 

We ARE souls (in bodies). Souls = Spiritual. Heaven = Spiritual. We create things in Heaven spiritually. We create things here on Earth spiritually. These things become Reality. 

If you want an amethyst rose with a golden stem in a vase made of pure diamonds sitting right in front of you -it's yours. Once the Holy Spirit is in you and you are connected to God and Jesus -you can create ANYTHING (as long as it is not harmful or destructive). 

Try this: Try a rose in a vase. A simple rose in a vase. If you have done it right you will smell the scent of the rose afterwards. Try it. This is real.

It can also help you with physical things in life. Most people shoot for MONEY. They ask God, the Holy Spirit, the Divine Trinity, and ALL the Saints to help them with money. But those people are idiots. I think, and this may sound stupid, the really important ways the Saints in particular have helped me is in my day to day life when one of 2 things happens: 1. A Small issue will arise, like losing car keys in an emergency when you need to go somewhere right away, and St. Augustine is who I turn to. 2. A BIG issue will arise like a rabid ferrel dog comes near and you have NO ONE to turn to and no possible physical way of saving yourself -call on Saint Abigail.

And so it goes. Whenever I hit a wall I just connect with the Heavenly Divine Hosts and ask if there is a way to get over it and what that way might be. And then I'm saved.

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