Friday, August 1, 2014

Reunion with William

Most of yesterday was spent being pissed off at William. Then I got home and slept for an hour and woke up with him nearby. We cuddled and reconnected and I drove with him to the Tim Hawkins comedy concert. Tim was even funnier than I thought he would be. There was an empty seat between me and another guy so William hungout there and at one point put his arm around my shoulder. For some reason I got the name TOM very strongly and am 80% certain the man sitting next to me was named Tom.

At one point Tim Hawkins mentioned being married for 21 years to his wife and it was really great to hear. Then he mentioned being a dad and having kids and I felt this sadness set in with William and felt bad about his loss.

William did enjoy the ride over though. I was showing him the scenic roads and trees and at one point -at a certain spot I crossed there and then back -I smelt pine trees for some reason. We got home and hungout most of the night -finally able to communicate again. He told me his name is William Henry. He also called me Casandra Irvene at one point -again. We were joking and flirting and having a good time. 

He mentioned me being the mother of his children. He said he wanted a "baby bundle of joy". He wants to re-establish our family again. He said, "There's no ring on your finger". And I looked at my ring finger and it was empty. He said, "I will buy you a ring." Whenever William says something like that like he's going to buy me jewelry or we're going to have a baby together, my first instinct is practicality: You don't have money and you're a ghost so procreation is not possible. But then I remember: The impossible has already happened and how can I say what the limitations of his abilities are. I have no idea what the limitations of spirituality are -or if there are any -especially when God gets involved.

I let him pick out my jewelry again this morning. Instead of a necklace he pulled my arm to 6 matching bracelets that make a really annoying clinking sound when they're all on at once. So I told him, "No those are pretty, but annoying. Pick something else. So I shut my eyes and he immediately guided my hand over to another object and I opened my eyes and saw a hammer. Basically jokingly saying, "Wear the bracelets or I'll whack you with a hammer." So I compromised and wore 1 of the bracelets.

I got a flash image almost like an animated gif video of a woman in a white dance dress bending over/stretching in a dance studio. I asked him, "Ballet?" And he said, "Flamenco dancing."

The conclusion I kind of reached last night about our relationship was this: 

If a man and woman are married for 35 years and the husband dies at 75 and the wife keeps living, it's not too far-fetched to assume the husband will stay as a ghost and watch over the wife until she passes. And this  especially after watching a movie like the Notebook, is deeply romantic and devoted. And this is essentially what we have. A husband and wife were married for 4 years -still young, but very much in love. They had a son named Louis and the wife was about 4 months pregnant with their next child. They took a trip for their anniversary and the boat they were on got caught in a storm and sank. The wife went to husband and the husband waited for her to return to him. The husband found his wife, 26 again -the age she had been when she died -and now seeks to pick up where they left off.

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