Monday, August 11, 2014

Saints in Creation and Action

I've had need of various Saints over the past week and Jesus and the Holy spirit have shown me which ones to call upon. 

Saint Agatha. I was Saint Agatha in a past life and have heard her speak now. When a person becomes a "saint" their soul is severed from the "saint" and the soul goes on to live in Heaven and reincarnation and the Saint keeps working and being called upon from Heaven to help people. Agatha is from ancient Celtic times. She is known for protecting children from harm. But I have called her to protect me from demons, bad people, and car accidents/driving. She covers you with her body like a shield from harm.

Both of the top saints have had instances with controlling or casting away BEES for some reason. BOTH celebrate their Feast Day on February 11th. Both are form Ireland

Saint Abigail. Feast Day is also February 11th. He is from Ireland. I have no idea what he is known for but when I asked which Saint to call on to get rid of mass amounts of demon animals I was told him. Also rumored to fight off swarms of bees. He is the master of animals for the most part in general.

Saint Michael the Archangel: The most powerful angel and destroyer of demons. He has a sword with a heart on fire at the end of it. The song "Michael row the boat ashore" was written about him saving people from a boat drowning. 

Saint Jude: Heals body and soul by going inside and using a paintbrush with white paint, paints over wounds with white healing grace of God. He's more known for performing miracles though.

Saint Joseph: Saint of Good Works. If there's any level of project you want to succeed -look to him. He's also for step-families and fathers. 

Saint Christopher: Protects those who Travel on long journeys.

How is a Saint made? 

Saints are made into "angels" by choosing to become instruments of God that serve His purpose of protecting and helping people or bringing things about that are meant to be. 

Saints start off as normal humans that consciously choose to follow whatever path God chooses for them. they then become aware of what God has intended for them, which involves God working WITH them and THROUGH them to help embetter the world. In the beginning of humanity there weren't many Saints. After Jesus came, more Saints rose. Saints chose to follow God, but were warned that doing so would bring harm -which it usually did. Saints then usually experienced sufferings that ranged from: Disease, Illness, Poverty, Imprisonment, Torture, Rape, Beheading...

At some point when the pain was inflicted on the Saint, inspite of God's best efforts to spare them the pain, they then needed to FORGIVE whatever had caused the pain and the pain itself. This then put the Saint in a position to Give GRACE to specific kinds of pains and sufferings. Once the Saint reached the point of giving Grace, the human soul and the "saint" get split in two. The Saint gains wings and goes to Heaven and can be known as an "angel" from that point forward. The human soul carries on as souls do on Earth. The two do not become one in Heaven but stay separate -although one day they will be reunited again.

No "religious" ritual is involved, although aid by other Saints, Jesus, and Angels is usually involved for the human to reach Sainthood.  

Saints in Heaven are still distinct from pure Angels though. An Angel like Saint Michael can be present in multiple places at once. A Human Saint like Saint Agatha can only be at ONE place at one time. Saints can help out in ways not specific to their "specialty of service", but it's usually not as consistent. Saint Jude for exmaple is the saint associated most with MIRACLES. But because Saint Jude's Children Hospital is named after him he's often more associated with Healing. Healing someone of cancer IS a miracle, but healing itself isn't generally what his area of expertise is.

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