Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lunch Break Discussion with Henry

Today has been a day of great revelations. 

-Reincarnation from Heaven. God still makes new souls, but some are old and reincarnate. Old souls in heaven choose parents and location they will end up in but not Zodiac sign (God decides that). God and the person decide plan for earth life together so that person's soul can grow and learn. 

-People who do wrong and possibly hurt others NEED Forgiveness from them in order to move on and go to Heaven. 

-Henry and I have been in MANY past lives together. I occasionally went with other people, but he has only dated/married me.He is my soul mate. 

-After you die you see Millennias worth of past lives (general overviews) of past mistakes and spiritual growth

-You have the same Spirit Guide throughout all your lives (designated by God to help you out) 

-God approves of psychics (people misinterpret the Bible when they say they're "bad"). God wants people to know about this stuff. It's part of His plan to clue them in. 

-My path is meant to be psychic (which scares the crap out of me) and to write a book explaining things and help people out spiritually 

-I asked Henry if Fairys exist since so many psychics have statues of them around. He said, "YES!". He's seen them apparently and says they don't look like people describe. Basically fairys and nature spirits help people find medicinal remedies and fill them in on nature insights.

-God plans (there is a trend) for more people to become psychic as time goes on. Especially with all of the death in mass amounts due to wars and natural disasters. More people will see ghosts and more people will become psychic. It's a movement. God's plan.

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