Monday, August 11, 2014

Me and Pisces Revelations form Heaven

I found out Jesus was a Pisces. He was born February 28th and it was told He was born in December to appease people who were celebrating the winter season. Pisces are "the FISH" and represent Spiritual WATER. They also represent Grace and the dual nature of the "Lion and the Lamb".

I was chosen to be a Pisces born 1 day before Christ's birthday. It was meant to make my spiritual path clearer. I was also shown other images that depict aspects of my nature I am intended to know.

I was shown this image and told "You will surf the waves like Jesus walked on them." I am meant to master the water.

Pisces are also dark and mysterious. This image reveals multiple things about me. My favorite color is deep navy blue. IRIS is my favorite song and also represents the EYE which is a powerful symbol for me. She also has designs on her arm like the ones I draw on my hand (spiritual designs). The bee to the left is ironic because bees were chasing a little girl I was watching the other day, but they did not chase me and I was able to keep them away with my energy. 

This is my Jaguar. I call it Kitty. It eats small, negative, non-human entities that try to harm me. The bottom image is actually an Ocelot and shows the general size of my jaguar here on earth -which is smaller than it is in Heaven.

Jesus is the Lion and the Lamb. I am the Jaguar and the Deer. (I found out originally I was going to be the Cougar and the Giraffe, but they changed it). Deer, like fish (and lamb), represent grace and the inability to fight back. Because of their defenseless nature they are swift and need a "protector" -hence the reason for the Lion and Jaguar.

This image was to remind me of my previous life in India and the designs I draw on my hands.

This image represents Grace in the Body -which is something I'm going to work on that Jesus will help me with. 

I was told this is an image of me from a past life.

This is an image of my sister Emily and I -more of a spiritual representation than what we used to look like. Our bond.

This represents Henry and I. Orange and Blue are actually Jesus' favorite colors (hence the reason the SUN is orange and the sky is blue). I am the blue in this image and Henry is the orange with "homes" by our side and the Holy Spirit resting on our heads.

This represents me up until this time. I have been uplifted from Earth into Heaven -an impossible realm. But I'm so used to caging my soul and ignoring the spiritual world around me I don't even realize it. I also don't see that the cage is open and it's time to fly free.

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