Monday, August 4, 2014

Natural Disaster Watch 2014

Along with Mass Shootings, natural disasters have been on the rise as well. 

8/05/14 -South Korea Sinkholes 

8/04/14 -Mudslide in California, Earthquake in China, Nepal Landslide, California Wildfires, Bushfires in NSW

7/31/14 -India Mudslide

7/28/14 -Venice Beach, CA -Lightning Strikes

7/19/14 -Washington Wildfire, Typhoon Rammasun in China and Vietnam 

7/15/14 -Hailstorm in Russia, Tornado in Perth 

7/09/14 -Typhoon Neoguri in Japan

7/04/14 -Hurricane Arthur 

7/03/14 -Wildfires in California 

6/26/14 -Earthquakes in Texas and Oklahoma 

6/26/14 -Tornado in Indiana

6/24/14 -Storm Floods Melbourne, AU 

6/18/14 -Assayii Lake Fire in Arizona/New Mexico 

6/17/14 -Twin Tornadoes in  Nebraska

6/15/14 -California Wildfires

6/20/14 -Florida Everglades Wildfire 

6/09/14 -Colorado Tornado 

6/08/14 -Flash flooding in Afghanistan 

6/04/14 -Torrential Downpours in China, Hailstorms and Tornados in Central US

5/27/14 -Colorado Mudslide, Wildfires in California and Arizona, North Dakota Tornado 

5/25/14 -Alaska Wildfires

5/19/14 -Floods in the Balkans, Serbia Floods

5/15/14 -California Wildfires 

5/08/14 -Mexico Earthquake 

5/03/14 -Afghanistan Mudslide

4/31/14 -Flooding in Florida and Alabama

4/29/14 -Arkansas Tornadoes 

4/28/14 -Southern US Tornadoes 

4/25/14 -Floods in Afghanistan 

4/19/14 -Mt. Everest Avalanche 

4/17/14 -Earthquake in Rutland 

4/6/14 -Flash Floods in Solomon Islands

4/2/14 -Earthquakes in Chile 

3/29/14 -Earthquake L.A., California 

3/26/14 -India Flooding 

3/23/14 -Washington Mudslide

3/06/14 -Philippines Typhoon Haiyan 

2/28/14 -California Pacific Storm 

2/26/14 -Volcanic Eruption in Indonesia 

2/18/14 -North Yorkshire Sinkhole 

2/16/14 -UK Flooding

2/14/14 -Mt. Kelud Erupts in Indonesia 

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