Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lessons from God Today

1. Even Evil Ultimately Leads to Good 

We downplay the good in life so often. Evil for us has no limits in our minds. A news report can show that a man decapitated and ate 3 infants and we'd believe it without hesitation and with great horror because that's life and that's what happens. But it's often harder to believe that a man would find and save 3 children he randomly came across and adopt them as his own and give up what little money he has to seeing them raised with the best education and in the best home possible. Good in our minds is far reaching and rarely seen. 

But then comes the realization that even when good people are put through horrible experiences, a greater good can come from it. For example, the 3 children being killed in the example above would lead to parents loving and embracing their own children more, more processes implemented to ensuring children's safety, and more research being done on why someone would be led to cannibalism in the first place so we can try to prevent it in the future. The human will and desire to eradicate evil pushes us forward beyond that evil to achieve greater good. It always has and it always will like a great current in a river overcome rocks and boulders in the way.

2. Spiritual Force Running Through Our Souls From God Has It's Own Flow and Rhythm

This is important. The understanding that this force is like an ocean moving forward and seeping into every aspect of our lives. How often do we see people falling prey to the 2 greatest underlying sources of evil: Control and Selfishness? We are either trying to control everything around us or focusing too much on ourselves. Even when you look at Personal Development tactics like S.M.A.R.T. and G.R.O.W. they both come down to trying to control the achievement of goals you decide you want. 

Will these goals ultimately fulfill you. Maybe not. You only suspect they will. And the whole time you will spin your wheels attempting to achieve them to either "become a better person" because you don't feel good enough as is, or gain something you desire because you don't think you have enough as is or are enough as is. It's a pushing of ourselves because we are not happy where we are now and think "happiness" and peace and fulfillment are at the end of the rainbows we've created for ourselves in our minds. 

But when you connect to God, The Holy Spirit, and this energy that flows from these sorts of connections, there is no "trying". You are told where you are meant to go and what you are meant to do. You are led clearly and directly towards a greater objective than you could have ever imagined for yourself on your own. This notion of creating your own goals and pursuing them is the same as a child playing with an easy bake oven creating muffins -it's an imaginary representation of achieving something you think you want, but in God's eyes is something foolishly adorable in comparison to the greater reality of who you actually are meant to be and what you are actually intended to do.

People telling people to "follow your dreams" is a crock at this point. That point has been made for over a decade now. People are told by those who have "succeeded" to just go out on a limb and reach for the stars. But people don't because they either aren't shown how or don't discover how within themselves. At the end of the day it's not something you can suggest people do. It's something that people do on their own by connecting to their own soul. That's the only way they can.

Only in Heaven will the cards be laid out flat on the table for everyone to see who really "achieved" greatness in this life and lived the way God intended them to.

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