Monday, August 18, 2014

Henry's Poem

Henry sent my sister Emily 2 poems. Em being the writer she is wants to edit the first one. This is the second poem she wrote from him. He wants me to know he's there watching over me from Heaven (since he hasn't been able to be around during the second half of these trials of handling negative entities). 

"I want to be the streak across the sky that makes you look up on a still night. Make you realize the dark waters you are standing in are rising higher than before. Get out of those waters friend, come back to the shore. I will be waiting for you, rest assure. I will always wait for you. Longer than now, longer than the universe takes to spin 'round. I can't count the days I've waited to see your face brighten from the light of the stars. Just look up, my friend,  and find out who you are. As crazy as it is, when you feel down, I'll be your shooting star. So wish upon me and you'll remember who you are." 

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