Monday, August 25, 2014

Visions v. Dreams v. Heaven

Heaven is weird. There are times when I'm clued into what pieces of Heaven look like. Unfathomably grand. Illustrious. Amazing. 

Then there are times were I'm either in Heaven or sent into a spiritual state where spiritual things are happening outside my body somewhere. It's been happening more lately.

I descirbe the states like this: 

-When I see a vision I have NO control over it. It flashes in front of my shut eyes like a movie. Right now it's still not very clear. It's like a series of gifs. Brief clips of fragments of a succession of moments. No sound. But the message/main point of what is occurring is understood.

-When I have a dream I awake afterwards and it's pretty clear that it was a dream because everyone's used to dreams. The times when you think, "Was that a dream?" are usually the times that it wasn't. 

-Heaven/Spiritual Experiences while physically sleeping: 

It feels physically real. Dreams can sometimes but when you wake up afterwards I'd almost compare it to being drunk. Like you were disoriented and experienced things and can remember most of what happened and the memory itself is kind of blurry but at the same time you FEEL physically like it occurred. Like if your soul took a jog and you woke up you'd feel exhausted and tired from the run.

Trips to Heaven when they occur you wake up not necessarily remembering what happened but very certain that it did. I ask the Holy Spirit if I went to Heaven and get an assured, "Yes".

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