Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Meaning in Life 2-19-14

Part 1 of the Worksheet:

For 10 days (9 left) in the middle of each day answer the questions:

1. How much meaning was in my life today? 

The highlights of my day were:

-Seeing a new member of my Toastmasters who suffers from Social Anxiety Disorder give his first speech. He actually had to pause a couple times because his nerves started to get to him, but when he spoke it was totally honest and the content was often funny. He ended up winning 1st place! 

-Accomplishing a lot on my to-do list for work. At 10:15am I thought I had about 80% of my work completed and then 3 new projects were added. I felt overwhelmed but just kept plugging through and a got a lot more done than I thought I would. I also completed (for the most part) artwork for my friend's dad who's writing a book similar to the Hunger Games. The images turned out well and now I'm just waiting to hear back from him on whether he likes it.

2.What did it feel like?

Seeing the guy speak at Toastmasters felt kind of inspiring. I was silently rooting for him the whole time. At one point it occured to me: This is why people support "the underdog". We all want people -especially those who are struggling -to succeed and overcome because it gives us hope and pushes us to move forward in our own lives. 

Finishing more of my work was nice because it made me feel like I could breathe a little easier and relax more. No use worrying -just take care of the problems in front of you and they'll slowly dissipate. 

3. What was the source of the meaning? 

Human spirit and the ability to persevere/ overcome things.

4. How did it impact what happened next in my day? 

The rest of my day -which is mostly gone now -has been pretty chill. It feels like the pressure is off.

5. What did I learn from this? 

Just keep going -even if you're struggling in the moment. 

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