Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Meaning in Life Exercise

In our last life coaching session, Nadine gave me a worksheet to fill out on my own called "Meaning in Life". It's funny because I created the "What Matters" list in a previous blog. This worksheet is supposed to help me figure out what items go in the What Matters list. 

Part 1 of the Worksheet:

For 10 days straight in the middle of each day answer the questions:

1. How much meaning was in my life today? 

Not much. Mostly catching up on emails. The only thing I did that really felt worth-while were:

-Posting about an upcoming event for our women's group because I actually took the time to go "off the script" and list reasons for people to attend that seemed more relevant.

-Posting on Pinterest because I have followers on there and feel like I owe them my planned-out, organized posts. 

-Posting in my blog because it helps me get clear on what has happened, what is happening, and where I'm headed.

2.What did it feel like?

Somewhat fulfilling but in a small way. 

3. What was the source of the meaning? 

Connecting to people in some form or other. 

4. How did it impact what happened next in my day? 

I keep looking forward. Like I still have a lot to accomplish today -whether it's meaningful or not. Work is work. 

5. What did I learn from this? 

It's interesting that the small, day-to-day things I do that feel like they matter have an underlying purpose of connection. 

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