Thursday, February 13, 2014

Getting Clear On: What Matters and What Doesn't Matter

I'm making a "What Matters List" so I can make it easier to see when I'm involving myself in crap that doesn't make a difference in my life. 

What Doesn't Matter to Me:

-Drama, Gossip, "Social Strategy"
-Arbitrary Facts + Figures
-Being a Millionaire
-Being the Most Popular/Sought After
-Selling Things to People 
-Looking "Polished" 
-Social Protocol 
-Locational Situations/ The Future in General 

What Does Matter to Me:

-Spirituality, the Soul, God
-Organization, Clarity, Understanding, Honesty, Truth
-Art + Creativity, Aesthetic Beauty, Nature
-Grace, Peace, Acceptance, Patience
-Physical, Emotional, + Psychological Well-being
-Being Comfortable
-Having Genuine Connection with People 
-Supporting People + Causes 
-Music, Movies, Culture, Society, World Views 
-True Underlying Reasons Why Things Happen
-Solving Problems + Finding Solutions instead of Complaining 
-Learning Life Lessons to Make Life Easier to Handle -aka Maintaining Peace through Wisdom 
-Family and Friends 
-Hearing other people's visions/dreams and supporting them
-Becoming more confident/self-assured  
-Only setting "intentions" if I actually have the intention of completing them 

I think I'll continue adding to the list as time goes on...

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