Monday, February 24, 2014


This entire week the ghost activity has kind of been really heightened and a lot more active. The only thing that seems to be the "cause" that I can think of for this is my Birthday is this week. 

Last Saturday night was spent at my mom's house. I really have to stop assuming that leaving my apartment will end the ghost activity. I first woke up at 12am and heard noises but then blissfully discovered my mom's dog Riley asleep in the living room -she's our security guard at night. So feeling safe I went back to sleep. Then at 2am I woke up again hearing sounds. At one point I actually got up to see if Riley was still in the living room and unfortunately she had gone into my mom's room so I was all alone. I tried going back to sleep, but kept feeling a presence really close by. It wasn't like the feelings/experiences I had had in the room in the past. The ghost at my mom's house didn't have as much of a presence and would just sit on the edge of the bed. This on the other hand was definitely the same entity from my apartment. 

I tried being "present" to what was happening, but my mind did keep wandering trying to distract itself. 3 times I hit this moment where I wasn't thinking anything in particular, but I still wasn't quite being present to what was going on around me, and a thought popped into my head randomly that seemed to come from nowhere. The first time this happened the word "demon" popped into my head -which I initially thought was just me thinking to myself without me anticipating it. The second time it was the phrase "Satanic ritual". That one was weird because I hadn't been thinking anything in particular before hand and it just kind of "popped up" out of nowhere. The final time this happened I got the phrase "Our Manhood" -which totally threw me for a loop because I had no idea where that phrase had come from or even what it meant. 

I finally gave up trying to go to sleep around 3am and decided the only way I was going to get any sleep was by going into my sister's room and claiming the floor as my new home. But even that didn't work out that well because I STILL felt the presence come around 3 times after that. I eventually conked out and woke up around 8am.

Last night was no better. It was nice being back in my room though. I tried noting what it was exactly that I was hearing/feeling so I could describe it later. At one point I noted:

"I am feeling a presence in the room -but not standing by my bed. Sound of a footstep or shifting of weight in the doorway. Followed immediately by the sound of the ceiling cracking. Followed by my ears ringing -slowly getting louder. Now the sense that something is getting really close -standing behind me at my bed side. Now something is getting even closer. Heart pounding. Sense of heaviness and the immediate presence of a person. This lasts for about 2-3 minutes then the feeling lifts and it feels like the presence is heading back to the entryway of my bedroom. 2 loud cracking sounds -one on the wall of my bedroom, the other on the ceiling." 

This went on off and on throughout the night. I actually first woke up at 1am -feeling no presence in the room. Then a little while later, I sensed it come into the room again. Things intensified and it felt like the energy kept building and getting stronger. This lasted until around 3:30am when I finally managed to fall asleep again. 

When I was still in Oakdale on Sunday my mom asked me how I had slept that night and I told her what had happened. My mom was surprised to find out that my sister and I have been experiencing ghost activity so frequently and to the extent it has been out. She asked my for my hair brush -my mom knows 3 people who are psychic in different ways. She had shared some stories of experiences she had had with them. So she's going to ask her psychic friend to read my hairbrush -which has my "essence" attached to it -and see what she can find out about the entity that's following me. 

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