Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ghost Activity February 8th and 10th

Last Saturday I spent the night at my sister's/dad's house. I had already spent the previous night there and since all my stuff was still at dad's place I just decided to crash there again Saturday night. Nothing exciting really happened Friday night so I wasn't expecting to experience anything come Saturday. Then at around 11pm just when I'd started dozing off I got a stiff sense of someone's presence in the room.

It wasn't like other times though. This presence was distinctly different. Maybe it was something psychic going on, but I genuinely felt like I was reading the intent/vibe of the entity. It felt stern and solid -like someone looking down on me disapprovingly. I got the sense that it didn't like what I was doing or wanted me to act differently. To be honest it kind of reminded me of my grandfather who past away in that house over 10 years ago. He never spoke much but was very stern. I got the sense that this entity was a man -I got a very human/masculine sense from it. 

Then I returned to my humble abode. Last night (Monday) was kind of a pain. My stupid heater turned on! I had left it on when the weather had gotten cold, but it had done nothing for about a week. Then at 9pm last night it randomly decided to kick on. It was warm in my place so I actually set the temperature to 50 degrees so it would turn off (if you set it to 70 it stays on until the apartment reaches 70). But for some reason it didn't shut off it just kept going for another hour or so. I was also feeling a presence in the room on/off as usual. Then at 2am I woke up. As has become the norm I immediately felt a presence in the room -something that has become like a knee-jerk reaction to my senses. I eventually went back to sleep and woke up again at 4:30am when the heater randomly decided to turn itself on again.

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