Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ghost Update and B-Day

Not much happened last night ghost-wise. I spent about 10 minutes doing the "meditation" and reciting the words in my head. I woke up twice. At 3:30am I awoke to the strong sense of a negative/angry presence -though the presence seemed to be nowhere in particular. Mostly just a strong, overpowering sense that is was there. Then again at 4:30am with the same strong, negative presence. 

Last night I also got a surprise treat from my women's group. I got cupcakes, sparkling apple cider, and $40! Then today at Toastmasters I got a bouquet of flowers, a mini cake, and table topics cards! At one point everyone went around the room stating quickly what they liked most about me. It was amazing to hear what people said. Phrases that stuck out were: I like your your commitment to TM and your innocence, you're a friend, your a leader, you've overcome so much, your supportive, you're warm, you're sweet, you're unexpectedly funny, you have a lot of kindness and grace... It was awesome! And it isn't even my birthday yet! 

What was also interesting was that before I went to TM, while I was still in my apartment getting ready, I sat down and did the "stretch arms above your head and close your eyes and try to connect to God" meditation. It really is empowering. When your arms are outstretched upward and the palms of your hands are spread open, there is a warmth that comes at some point and it really feels like your connecting to something greater. I also notice that while my eyes are closed, through the shades of my eyelids, the room seems to get brighter/lighter. I can't tell if this is just my mind tricking me or it's a spiritual thing.

The other funny thing about today is that my friend Jos gave me a paper that has a description printed off of a website about a ghost tour in San Francisco. At the top of the paper Jos wrote "Two Tickets". I thought, Oh... I've talk to Jos about ghost shows and stuff a few times and she knows I'm interested in the paranormal to some extent -but she also isn't aware of my policy about avoiding ghosts and the recent troubles I've been having with the entity at my apartment... I feel bad because it's a really thoughtful gift, but my first instinct is to give it to my sister or someone else who wants to go on a ghost tour at night. Dangz...

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