Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ending Ghost Activity

So my mom called me last night and said she spoke with her friend Angie who's a psychic. Angie said she didn't know what was following me, but she could help me try to get rid of it. Angie is Catholic so one of her suggestions is to go to a Catholic church and get some Holy Water and sprinkle it in each room of the apartment and on myself. I guess churches give the water away for free. I think I'll also ask for a few crosses when I'm there to hang more on the walls. I want my apartment to be the Fort Knox of Pro-Spirituality/Christianity, Anti-Ghost.

Then Angie gave some specific instructions on what to do for the time being. She said: 

1. Draw a picture of yourself. Around the image of you, create a circle of gold/yellow light. Make sure you're surrounded by the light in the drawing. Then hang up the picture in one of the main rooms/halls of your home.

2. Sit in a quiet space and "meditate" -aka concentrate on one thought/message to send out. Say the following over and over in your head and then out loud with both arms reaching up over your head towards the sky: 

"By the Lord Jesus Christ I demand all dark and negative things to leave this space. I bring in the Light, Love, and Peace of God. God please take this off my hands, I need your help. I need my angels to come wrap themselves around me."

She also said to envision yourself in a shower of light -surrounded by it. So I drew the image and did the meditation for about 30 minutes -saying it out loud several times. While I was sitting in my chair by the dinner table beginning the meditation the light above started to flicker on and off -which was weird because it hasn't done that before. But after a couple minutes it stopped.

After I was done I got up and walked around my apartment. It did feel different! I felt renewed and "full" and the apartment felt a lot warmer and "empty" in some ways. I was sooooo happy. :) 

Then when it was time for bed, just to be on the safe side I moved my 2 crosses that normally hang in the living room onto the walls of my bedroom. I then sat in bed for another 10 minute and did the meditation over again. I then got up and walked around my apartment again. The living room felt normal/warm. But the bedroom still felt a little "off". I didn't know what else to do, so I got in bed and started listening to music. I also worked on breathing energy into my chest -which makes you feel spiritually empowered.

Then I stopped listening to music after a little while and rolled over to go to bed -feeling secure and assured in my soul. Then I felt the presence. I thought, CRAP. It didn't go away after all that??? Oh well I'll build up my energy and picture myself in a nice ball of light. 

Actually imagining yourself covered in light is reallllllly hard when you're in the dark. I did my best. It took about 20 minutes before it really started to kick-in. I noticed that the entity would come close to my bed as it had before and I would begin to feel its presence press up against mine, and I would try to "push it away" spiritually with my energy and it would work and then run out and the presence around me again. 

After a couple hours of back and forth with the entity, I finally fell asleep and throughout the rest of the night nothing happened. Normally I am awoken at 2-3am and then 4-4:30am. This time it was just 4am. It made noises in the hallway and the living room -clear and distinct footsteps and then the sound of some object being messed with at one point. But it didn't come back into my room. It seemed to come to the doorway of my room, but not actually in it. 

I figure getting rid of this thing will be like getting rid of ants -it will be consistent steps over a long period of time to drive it out. 

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