Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Left in the Rain

Well this sucks. Today I attempted to go to the nearest Catholic church and get some Holy water to sprinkle around my apartment and on myself like the psychic suggested. It was an epic pilgrimage to get there because I was tired from work and just wanted to go home and it was pouring rain.

Then I went to go into the church looking for their administrative office. First place I actually came to was just the main greeting hall that had tables and shelves full of all sorts of brochures. I skimmed through the brochures looking for a map/layout of the church so I could find where the administrative office was. Did not find it. But I did realize that you can tell a lot about a church based on the content of its brochures.

For example, the church I usually go to is more "modern" and wealthy to some extent so their pamphlets are clean, organized, modern, and practical. Visuals aside, the content is also very strait forward and doesn't really beg you to come to the church but gives more of a "if you want to come check us out, you're perfectly welcome" kind of an attitude where there's no pressure and the ball is in your court. They say "This is who we are, this is what we're about, and if you want to be a part of this then great!"

This Catholic church on the other hand had materials that had more of a "You need to come to this church to hear more about Jesus and we have a lot of stuff we can email you and we highly encourage you to talk to people here and we're just generally a little more eager and intent on getting people to attend things in general here."  I didn't like it.

So after realizing the main room was a dead end I went to go wandering around the church to find the administrative office... outside... in the pouring rain... and I finally found it!

The office hours said they were open from 9am -6pm Monday through Thursday. But the door was locked. And now one was at the front desk. So I left. In the rain. With no Holy water.

What if this was an emergency? We have a fireman squad to put out fires, why can't we have a spiritual squad to take out demons, ghosts, or other spiritual afflictions???

Seriously though, what if tomorrow ALL of our religious institutions and affiliated members disappeared. How would we get Holy water? How do you make it in the first place? Why aren't these information/ items readily available to people?

There should be some sort of foundation/ organization/ group that carries spiritual supplies from Candles to Sage, Holy Water, Salt, Verses, Groups that will come to your home and pray, Incense, and other things one might need if there was a spiritual emergency.

I can go down to a grocery store 5 minutes in any direction and choose from 12 different kinds of toothpaste to brush my teeth, but when my SOUL is in need where do you go? Why is it so hard to find things for spiritual use? Soul trumps body. I want a convenient way to:

1. Know what items/ services/ practices are needed to solve spiritual afflictions

2. How to obtain said services or items in an easy, convenient way and then help others do the same

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