Monday, May 16, 2016

Intense Vivid Dream

Had a lonnnnngggg dream last night that went over some pretty important things. 

#1 I really got the sense that Heaven is leading me to greatness that's kind of hard to conceive of. 

#2 I am DEFINITELY meant to do art/writing.

#3 Whatever challenges come up for me might seem overwhelming -in part because I have seen other people succumb and be buried by the same kinds of issues -but with God's help I am meant to overcome and don't need to worry much. 

#4 I and every other person is really meant to love everyone. As I love my sister, so am I intended to love every other person and being -as family. 

#5 Family will always be an important part of my life -even if they're at a distance. I am meant to support them and they will support me. 

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