Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Creativity in Retrograde

I took the advice of the person who posted about Mercury in Retrograde -that creativity flourishes during this time -and it's been great. It makes sense since he basically said the reason retrograde is an issue with Mercury is because Mercury sends out the influence of Connection and External Communication whereas the Retrograde sends out the influence of Inner Connection to your soul. This usually leads to conflict, confusion, and feeling like your energy's drained. Communication is also an issue. 

Anything purely External struggles and anything purely Internal struggles. But ART and Creativity are always a hybrid between those 2 states. You draw from Within to create Externally. You are both Internal and External at the same time. 

So basically my art is flourishing, I can't communicate worth crap, and I'm pretty super tired. But the EASE in which I do artwork, even as a graphic designer and artist, is pretty remarkable. This would be true for other forms of art as well: Writing, Singing, Dancing, Cooking... Anything that would align your soul with whatever you are enacting externally. 

I created this several years ago, but I does illustrate what happens when Soul and Spiritual Intent are linked to the creative process. 

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