Thursday, May 12, 2016

Transient Belief in God

Someone pissed me off today. I wanted to shake her and say, "REALLY? Are you even listening to what you're saying???" After saying nothing and driving home I felt a reminder from God: "Do NOT judge the path of others who are not as far along in understanding as you. It is to look down a mountain and say someone isn't as high up as you when they have every ability to reach where you are in time. Don't look DOWN on people. Be patient and understanding towards them." 

And I understood that. The woman had said, "I've been unemployed for 2 years. 'If' there's a God, and I seriously question at this point if there even is, why would He do this to me?" 

My response in my mind that I didn't say because I know it's more important to seek unity/solidarity with people than "prove your right" or make a strong argument against what they say sometimes: 

Why is your belief in the ETERNAL so Transient? 

#1 Do you ever THANK God for the good things you get? When you get something positive unexpectedly do you look up into the sky and say, "Thanks God! I know this was from you!" If not, why the Hell are you blaming God for the bad? You never bothered to thank Him for the good -Why now???

#2 Your belief in the existence of an infinite, eternal being is contingent upon how well He gives you things and how well things go in your life? "Well I'm having a good day today so God must exist right now." *5 minutes later* "Well I got in an argument with my friend and now they're not talking to me. God must not exist anymore..." God does not exist depending on your state of being or the circumstances you find yourself in. If that is what your belief is founded in theologically -you are an idiot who doesn't understand reasoning OR logic let alone Theological/ Religious/ Spiritual concepts. 

#3 Why does no one ever blame HELL? They acknowledge Heaven and God are of light, grace, peace, love... But then they'll randomly make you unemployed for 2 years as if that sh*t made any sense at all. Hell is a place that you should also acknowledge if you're going to take Heaven into consideration. Hell undermines God's intentions all the time. God usually leads people to overcoming these adversities, but you may as well be blaming God for rape and murder as if these acts from Hell weren't AGAINST Him and His intentions. 

#4 You don't seem like the kind of person that SEEKS God's guidance through hard times, so why do you presume God ISN"T trying to guide you when you never let Him in the first place??? How many times do you meditate, talk to, pray to, reach out to, think on, seek out... GOD? If God were genuinely trying to reach you and guide you -which He probably IS right now -how the hell would you RECEIVE that guidance? 

It bothers me incessantly when people don't generally care about or pay any attention to spirituality/religion and then blame GOD for all of their issues. God is a SOLUTION, not a PROBLEM. If you've reached the conclusion that God is ruining your life, you've f*cked up somewhere along the way in your spiritual understandings of life. I pray you stop being stupid and illogical, think for 5 seconds, pray to God, and seek genuine guidance from the one resource guaranteed available for free to ALL human beings on this planet forever and for all of time. 

People piss me off sometimes... they just do. 

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