Monday, May 9, 2016

More Intense Dreams

Had several, vivid dream last night that seemed to have important messages -some less subtle than others. 

The first one I was wandering through my friends home that I was apparently house sitting. This is the same friend I've been doing the graphic design/marketing for again with PHB -her women's group. Started that up again earlier this year and the dream seems to indicate I'm going to keep doing that and have more house sitting jobs pop up. 

The next dream was brief, it involved an old woman talking to me about how she used to post on social media. She said it as if she were passed away and was imparting this information from the other side. She told me, "The wise don't say much, but when they do it's profound. But those who speak of knowledge for its own sake or talk just to be heard tend to post stuff online all the time." It was basically a message not to worry about making a sound on the internet every 5 seconds to "stay relevant". It only matters that your Content is relevant. 

The last dream was the most impactful, vivid, and significant. I was following around a man in his 40s who seemed in pretty good shape. We were in a foreign country -I'm guessing Africa, but at this point it seems the dreams speaks to a more Global "setting". All around us wasn't much but dirt, except for a long row of huts. We went up to these huts -which had about 90 total in what appeared to me a "well organized" series. Like an orchard would have trees planted in rows -these huts were set up.

The man started talking to an Asian woman who seemed to me the boss of the place. She said if he wanted to he could purchase an hour in a tent. She then informed us the tents were filled with Children. They would perform sex acts for a fee. The man said he didn't have that much money, so the woman said, "Why don't you go into this tent and 'sample' 5 minutes..." So he went into the tent. 

The girl in the tent started screaming, but the Chinese woman didn't seem to care or pay it much attention. The man, who I knew was a humanitarian who helped children escape that kind of enslavement, walked out of the tent after about a minute in there, carrying the naked 11 year old girl in his arms. 

She was covered in dust and dirt but didn't seemed frightened because I think she understood at that point she was being rescued. The Chinese woman didn't try to stop him because by his stance he made it clear he would beat her down if she tried taking the child from him.

We walked over to his car and he put the girl in the front seat. In spite of everything she had been through, she still seemed perfectly innocent and untainted. She was confused though and wasn't quite sure what was going to happen. We decided to take her to the hospital to get her checked -especially for sexually transmitted diseases. I gave her my jacket to wear, but didn't have much else for her. 

The feeling I was left with driving away from the tented village was that there were STILL about 90 kids there that weren't going to be rescued. That Globally there are millions of kids enslaved to rape. 

And yet I wasn't sad. I was upset and alarmed by everything -but not SAD during these events I bore witness to. I felt like I wasn't alone. Like Christ was there with me, and this is how HE sees. He sees these tragedies unfold in this world, and it reminds Him of the pains he was subjected to and ultimately Overcame. I felt a kind of Patience and a kind of Determination to see things changed. I believe God works through people who are humanitarian to save children in this way. 

For me, I worry about the bodies and the wounded souls of these children. But I have more concern for the souls of the MEN who enact these atrocities. A person that dies having been a victim of these kinds of acts can still find their way to Heaven if for no other reason that angels would immediately appear before them in their passing and rise their souls immediately. 

But the soul of a man who paid to rape an enslaved child would likely have a harder time rising to the light if for no other reason than the darkness weighted upon his soul from such an act. Most men like that don't seek God or take Heaven into consideration. They only seek for themselves. When they die, what fate their soul comes to is filled with that much more uncertainty. `

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