Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Got Scammed

It was nice having $99.00 while it lasted.

Got scammed out of it. 

Was using this thing called Semalt -which is supposed to help you with SEO for your website. Decided to use it on a trial basis with little to no charge just to see how it worked. I actually used it on this Blog. It kept registering it like a website, which was kind of annoying, but websites are what it's intended for.

It basically told me that most people get to this site via link -not by keywords. The keywords it then suggested for me to use were bogus and stupid. So I gave up on Semalt after about 2 weeks realizing it had little to offer me or anyone else, but was hopeful that one day in the future someone other company would actually master the art of SEO that way and give keywords that were actually useful.

Then yesterday I find out that several days before they took $99.00 out of my Paypal account under the name, "FastSpring". Was NOT happy. Never consented to paying full service for them -Trust me, they aren't worth it -even from a preliminary perspective. 

So I emailed them and told them, I Want a Refund. I'm not using your services and I don't want to. Cancelled out of future payments. And then they emailed me back saying, "We sent you emails that you would be charged so you have to pay and get no refund. Have a nice day." 

So I check my emails and sure enough they emailed me and it had gone to my spam folder. 

But either way I DON'T want their service. And for $99!!! Are you INSANE??? 

So then I did research online to see if this sh*t had happened to anybody else. Turns out: 

They're a SCAM. "Stay away from this company. Everything I learn about them shows them to be dubious! When I searched on Wikipedia for Semalt guess what came up? They were referenced in referral spam!"


So craps. I find out not only was a scammed by their stupid subscription method, the company ITSELF is a scam. 

I proceeded to go onto their Facebook page and Linked-In page and spread the word. Can NOT spread the word far enough. 

Personally I think it's the worst kind of customer service when you KNOW a customer isn't interested in what you're selling and they make it abundantly clear to you and you STILL charge them and force your "product" or "service" down their throat. 


SOOOOO Pissed right now. 

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