Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Thoughts on "Bullying": Teens v. Adults

I don't understand why our society treats "bullying" of kids and teens the way that it does. In this case I feel that adults are more well protected from harm than CHILDREN are at this point. It's astonishing... 

Adult World: Corporate Playground 

In the adult world, people are held accountable for their crimes Especially in office environments. "Bullying" in a corporate environment would NEVER be mistaken for anything else -such as sexual harassment or physical acts of violence. There is, or should be, a NO Tolerance policy for any of those kinds of actions. See below:

If a person were to "bully" in this environment, they probably wouldn't be fired, just be made to fill out some light paperwork promising never to act that way again. If however a crime was committed: Fired, Arrested, and possibly SUED. 

Kid World: The Actual Playground

Unlike corporate adult world where violence isn't tolerated, in children's schools it's seen more as, "Well yah you'll get beat up -DUH. Deal with it. It's called childhood." 

Most adults treat children being harmed in this way almost like a "right of passage". It just gets accepted and never questioned. Only extreme cases of violence such as rape or murder are ever taken into consideration -and sometimes not even then (usually depending on if the perpetrator is on the high school football team). 

It seems like a grave absurdity that children would be subjected to abuse -especially given teen suicide rates -and adults would brush it off as if it were no big deal. Then in hypocrisy cry out against such acts when they are committed in a corporate adult setting. 

Adults have protected themselves from this kind of harm but are not extended this same right of protection to children. It's insane. 

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