Friday, May 27, 2016

Angel Cards #12

Before I go into the cards I have to address 3 inter-related things that sprang up this week:

#1 Nature Quotes. I found NUMEROUS Nature quotes this week re-emphasizing the value of connecting to nature and looking after it. 

"Nature Reclaiming" by Natalia Jablonski

#2 DREAMS. Had more dreams this week, including last night. 

-Had a dream about buying an apartment that was next to my friend Nina so we sort of lived separately, but close at the same time. 

-Had 2 dreams about Pet Sitting for friends that had dogs and cats.

-Had a dream someone walked towards me with intent to harm and I put my hand up and this light came out of it, and I calmly took the persons arm and walked them out a door and they completely forgot about their intent to harm me and just left. 

-Had a dream I went to get an Administrative Assistant/ Marketing job and it turned INTO a graphic design position. Kind of the point I keep getting this week. Whatever job I get my artwork and creativity it bound to follow and emerge in it. 

-Dream last night about more pet sitting, including farm animals.

-I dreamt I compared sheep and was so overcome by the enlightened understandings that I grabbed my spiritual journal and started writing notes in it. I understand now the sheep = people. I got the sense that you CAN compare and contrast people because that is a truth that exists -people are unique. But at the same time, they're sheep so it's more important to look after them than analyze them. 

-Had a dream I owned a dog and was living in a nice house and actually debated getting a puppy but decided kind of responsibly that I couldn't extend my focus to 2 dogs which would be too many to look after, so I just kept the one. 

-I dreamt I was reading this book that was also kind of like a workbook and had completed one "chapter" portion of it and the next chapter involved exploring new places -especially ruins and old places -but chose not to because I wanted to wait until I had a friend to go with me. 

#3 Synchronicity. Met with a woman to day who answered to my profile and asked that I feed her cat for 6 days next week. We had a LOT in common and it was easy to talk with her. She ended up owning an art gallery and loving oil painting in particular. I showed her my art website and she suggested I go to the art district her gallery was in connect with local artists. DEFINITELY felt like we were meant to meet. 

Angels Cards:

Doreen May 23rd: This WAS a good day in the beginning. I was really feeling empowered and well founded in God. It felt like I was going to accomplish a million things that day. Then the Semalt Scam stuff happened and things kind of went downhill from there. It started good though...

Doreen May 24th: Got cards that suggested I focus on the messages in my dreams this week -which have been pretty straight forward and clear. Also got the sense that I shouldn't compromise my empowerment and autonomy by feeling let down or stepped on by different people or situations like the Semalt thing. 

Doreen May 25th + 26th: Again the cards said to "stick with it", have patience, and focus on letting go of past negative habits and abiding by new positive ones. 

Doreen May 27th: I think today's card was more about me NOT requesting aid in ways I then distract myself from actually receiving. Meaning, I can't just ask for a path that leads to Animal Care and profit and helping and healing... and then stray from that path itself into the comfort zone of past familiarity I have no real interest in pursuing. Ask and ye shall receive IF you continue to remind Yourself that YES this is what I want and deserve to have. 

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