Friday, May 27, 2016

Relatives Reaching Out

This was something that came up 2 weeks ago now. I had meant to blog about it, but didn't get around to it so it's a little bit late, but whatever.

That week and that DAY I actually go this card from Doreen's Card drawn:

It was FREAKISHLY accurate for what had happened that day.

I was wondering around Nina's house watching over her dog Cato and I was reflecting on times my Grandma had been there for me in my life and in her "afterlife". My grandma Jean and I were very close and there's this story she once told me about when I was young and she watched over me: 

"I took you to the park one day and was sitting on a bench watching you play with your dino toys in a mud puddle. (I loved dinos as a kid and in my mind it wasn't a "mud puddle" but a prehistoric land of pterodactyls and brontosauruses). A lady was walking past and stopped and said, 'Oh my gosh are you going to let her play in the mud like that!' I said, 'Leave her alone, she's happy.' The lady was surprised and condescendingly said, 'Well...' and walked away. I didn't have the heart to move you. You looked so content playing in the puddle." 

That was my grandma. That IS my grandma. She was a very spiritual, very caring woman. she always so through to the things that really matter. 

She has come through a couple times. 2 of those times she just kind of let me know she was watching over me and that she was proud of me. This last time was interesting because I was having doubts about pursuing the creation of my Coloring Book (which is about 1/3rd of the way done now) and she actually came through and said, "You have always succeeded at artwork in the past. don't doubt yourself now. You were intended for this." 

There are people in Heaven rooting for you and wanting you to succeed more than you can know. 

The next thought that occurred to me that day was actually the times other people I knew had relatives reach out to them. 

My dad used to go out to hedge trees and tend to the plants in his rather extensive backyard that had some pretty massive hills. 

At this point in time I was 18 years old and playing on the computer downstairs. Dad came up to me and said, "Keep your cell phone on. I'm going to trim some trees and if I fall I want to be able to reach you in case you need to call an ambulance." My dad like most men is kind of stupid when it comes to manual labor. They always have to do stuff themselves even if it means risking death. 

So my dad goes out there and a couple minutes later I hear a SCREAM! I run out to see if my dad's ok and he's standing at the bottom of his ladder next to a tree. I said, "What happened?" And he looked kind of shocked and said, "I don't know........ I was on the ladder and I fell straight BACK. I should have fallen down to the next hill below and landed on my back, but instead I landed right below the ladder standing straight UP." 

After a little while of reflection my dad said, "I think it was Grandpa. He always tended to these trees out here and I really feel like it was him and that he was with me and saved me. As an engineer I have no other logical explanation for what happened. It defied gravity. It made no sense. I think it was your Grandpa." 

The other instance I remember was actually my step-dad which is weird because he doesn't believe in ghosts or the supernatural. He's mostly agnostic and distantly believes in God and possibly the soul. He's a very practical guy that has a simple life philosophy of "just be good to people". 

His dad passed away several years ago and even though his dad was old, the passing was still pretty sudden. He didn't cry when he found out and din't cry during the funeral. He kind of just locked up on himself and decided to focus on doing his auto-mechanic work. 

He was in his workshop alone a couple days after the funeral and he was really frustrated and upset over all the things he hadn't said to his dad and all the things he wanted him to know. He was kind of lost in that state and feeling pretty wounded. Then the radio suddenly turned on all by itself. That would have been weird enough but the radio -which had been set to classic rock station -had switched to a "golden oldies" station on its own and started playing music from his dad's time. 

That's when he finally broke down and cried. Afterwards he told the family what had happened. He said, "I can't explain that. I don't know how it happened. Maybe it was him. Maybe it was a coincidence. I don't know. It was just really weird." 

Relatives are there for us. Those that cared for us here still do in Heaven. they want us to know they're STILL there for us. 

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