Wednesday, May 18, 2016

MORE Dreams

It's been pretty cool to see the Angel cards for this week (which I post on Fridays now). They've been very accurate -especially about dream stuff. 

Had yet another dream about my sister. This is probably the 3rd one in a row and the 4th or 5th one this week. I also saw a lot of different OWL symbols and objects throughout the dream. The owl is her totem animal and her apartment is full of them. I feel like I'm meant to pray for her or reach out to her right now and check in on how she's doing spiritually. I think I need to remind her to draw guidance from her totem animal. 

Later in the dream I saw my step-sister at a high school crying. The school was out in the country and had cows on the other side of the fence next to the playground. My step-sister was crying because she saw 5 guys jump the fence and mutilate the cow with knives until it died. A teacher walked buy and I reported to him what had happened because to me it was a serious offense and concern. I'm not entirely certain what the point of that portion of the dream was, but it was definitely trying to convey an important message. 

The last portion of my dream involved a demon. It was very intense and vivid. I knew the demon wanted to kill me and kept trying to -but it struggled. At some point I called on Jesus and the Holy Spirit and they came through. It was like they took care of everything and I didn't need to fear or worry. People think that they have t take on a negative entity ALONE -which is exactly what the entity wants you to think and feel. But God and the Beings of Heaven can and will intercede with great success if they're called upon. You just have to know how to hand the situation over to them. The thin line between doing something and handing control over. 

Came across this on the internet today. It seemed to echo the messages from the last part of my dream. This was pretty much the attitude required to overcome a demon. Not fear or hatred, but Calm and Assurity. Stay to the Light. 

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