Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Another Intense and Vivid Dream

This dream again brought more clarity. 

#1 I saw myself planting flowers -which I think is an answer to the question I was having about, "Well if I'm supposed to help animals -especially via healing -what about the rest of nature." I got the sense that I'll still end up helping out plants and the environment naturally in my own way. 

#2 I was sitting with a group of people discussing coloring books and ended up suggesting they use mine. I tried to explain to them how mine was different and they wanted to buy them. That was a pretty clear indicator I should continue trying to complete my Coloring Book I've been wanting to make for a year now, and actually working on for a month now. 

#3 My dad and my sister have popped up in the past couple dreams, but initially didn't think much of it. Now I get this sense that these two people are really the CORE of my family. They are the 2 people I trust most and know will always be with me. Again it's a reminder that family will support me wherever I go. 

#4 I saw vast lands of towers and blooming fields that were very vivid. It felt like I was exploring a new land. I think this may have been Heaven's way of conveying what it's like in Heaven. All past cares are nowhere to be found. You just explore. 

#5 This dream also brought an issue to head that I was kind of avoiding. There's a person that I've known from afar and I've watched them over the years mess up, find themselves, lose in love, and then find themselves again. It frustrates me that I can't sever from this person I've kept an eye on for over 10 years now. I'm not even close with that person. But there's something about them that I feel drawn to and connected to. 

In this dream I hungout with that person and got the sense that they were kind of like a brother and that Actually hanging out with that person might be kind of boring. Our souls are familiar with each other and so we're not amazed to be around one another -we're just in a state of "family" bond sort of. 

Then I also met his wife in this dream. I've sort of met her/glimpsed her before in other dreams as well. The guy has popped in and out of many relationships and cheated once -so I'm a little hesitant about accepting this one as "official". But in the dream I hungout a lot with his wife and we were like friends. So I guess in the end it's kind of like, "What happens here doesn't matter as much as the bonds we forge with people. Don't worry about what forms relationships take or whether they last -focus on the lasting bond of unconditional, spiritual love." 

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