Monday, May 30, 2016

What to Blog About

It's important to note the shift in blog writing. I'm entering into the 6th month for this year and already I've made twice as many blog posts than I did the entire year before. Some of that was due to being out of work and in an unpredictable environment. It also has to do with clarity of thought and intention. I feel like right now I'm meant to be writing, posting, and sharing understandings. 

I think at some point in the future these blogs will be helpful to look back on should I decide to write a book. That being said I get an average of 3 to 5 new blog ideas each day. I have 2 pages worth of blog topics and I made a rule for myself that I'd only post 3 to 5 blogs each week -preferably 3. This doesn't give a lot of room for thoughts I can't really keep up with at this point. So I've decided to organize my blog topics into categories. It's a good thing I'm organized otherwise I'd be scattered to the wind. 

These are the blog categories I've got:

1. World Issues 
-Sexism/Sexuality/Women + Men/ Relationships 
-Differing Perspectives/ Value Systems/ Vices 
-Government/ Voting
-Humanitarian Issues/ Rape Culture

2. Spiritual Practices/ Understandings/ Practical Uses

3. Spiritual Wisdom + Insight

4. Religious Hypocrisy 

5. Self (Things to do with my life)

From now on after I post a blog I'll add a number to its title so I can denote which category it's in. This also helps me come up with a "theme" for the week. One week I might talk about my thoughts on the presidential election and another week I might discuss deep spiritual truths. 

I'm glad the "spirit of writing" has returned to me. The main issue I have now is deciding which theme of the week to go with. 

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