Friday, May 20, 2016

Angel Cards #11

The downside to posting these after a week's worth of time is I have a hard time remembering what the heck happened throughout the week. I've been writing notes down on the cards as I save them to help me remember.

Doreen May 14th

Doreen wrote, "Gifts will come to you today..." I ended up house cleaning most of the day. I kept debating whether or not that was a gift. You can argue that being humbled and working to make things clean is of benefit to your soul, so maybe it was. 

I also felt pretty upbeat and spiritually connected throughout the day. I think sometimes God gifts Spiritual qualities, not tangible things. 

Me May 14th

I had kind of been feeling out of sync spiritually before that day. And I had a lot of questions about the direction my life needs to be heading in as far as career, so this was basically something to Further the sense that I needed to get humble, get in touch, and be calm. 

Doreen May 15th + 16th

On these two days Doreen gave guidance for handling the Retrograde issue. 2 main effects are that some people's Egos flair up and cause them to act in inhumane, cruel ways towards others -which is frustrating to be around -and you get lethargic and tired. Doreen said don't focus on the negative and accomplish things in spite of the sleepy/dream-state by accomplishing small things that contribute to one of your main purposes in life. She actually specifically said, "Journal" or do artwork. So I blogged and went to work on my Coloring Book. 

Doreen May 17th:

These cards came and it was interesting because the first card was about relatives and in the morning I had a deep spiritual insight pertaining to several relatives that seemed interconnected. I plan on blogging about it soon.

The second one was, "Pay attention to your dreams". And this whole week has been one long dream sequence. Another benefit to Mercury in Retrograde: Greater Clarity in Dreams. 

Doreen May 18th:

The Gardening card was pretty surprising given I had a dream about gardening and got the sense it was something I was intended to do. 

The other 2 cards were more about the transition process. To give patience and let the new changes unfold. I get caught up in lists and thinking if I'm not accomplishing something than I'm doing something wrong. That's probably why these kinds of cards pop up so often for me. It's ok to take it easy. 

Doreen May 19th and 20th:

These past 2 days the cards have been about stepping into leadership and stepping into power more. I've definitely felt it. More founded and affirmed in myself. I can tell I'm not alone in those moments. I feel like the Holy Spirit is with me. 

God definitely intends me to grow and become more than I am. I get more and more of a sense for it as time goes on. Just not clear how to get there. I struggle with the balance of knowing God will guide me and knowing I have to step forward and go. 

I also fear that Power will give way to Ego, so I do have to be mindful of and be careful towards not feeding into negative tendencies when in that state. 

Doreen also says to expect more clarity in dreams tonight to help guide me. We'll see. 

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