Friday, May 6, 2016

Angel Cards #9 + Planets in Retrograde

Been kind of having struggles this past week. Self-confidence issues keep coming up of not feeling like I'm good enough or the quality of work that I do isn't good enough. Then also having energy issues with feeling heavy, out-of-sync, lethargic, unmotivated... Wasn't sure why until someone I follow on Twitter posted about the planets being in Retrograde. I had suspected that was the issue, but hadn't been certain. I don't really pay attention to that kind of thing or know much about it -I only know that in general when I'm feeling like crap for no reason I then find out that the planets are in retrograde. 

Doreen's Card April 30th:

I actually called on this saint for guidance after I saw this and felt like she came through. At some point I'm meant to find out about Spiritual Healing and she like other saints is a constant reminder that you don't need to take a Reiki course or pay money to find out how it's done: God will lead you to understanding in time. 

Doreen's Cards May 1st + 2nd:

These 2 days really felt like I was learning how to proclaim my Autonomy Spiritually -especially to keep negative entities at bay. We have a lot more resilient strength going on in our souls -especially when they're connected with Heaven and God. But we tend to downplay that power because we're not used to using it. It's ok to have positive strength and spiritual resilience. 

Me May 3rd:

The cards I drew were kind of re-emphsizing not feeling small. Moses existed and didn't necessarily forsee or predict all the wonders he would do, at yet that's what God led him to. Never doubt the power God has in-store for you to succeed. 

There was also re-emphasis on being Humble, Connecting to Innocence, and Seeking to Serve God through positive actions. 

Doreen's Cards May 3rd:

Met with someone at the career center to go over a shift in the avenue of jobs I'm seeking out. These cards kind of denoted that. I feel like I need to seek administrative assistant positions just to land a job for now, but ultimately I feel like I need to be working with animals in some sort of animal care position. So I'm shooting for both possibilities now. I've let go of being a Marketing Assistant altogether, but still also shooting for graphic design positions if they're out there. 

Doreen's Cards May 4th + 5th:

This is where retrograde was really starting to kick in. I felt like crap and couldn't seem to get a hold of my own soul. I felt buried under by negative spiritual influence and didn't know what to do. Self doubt and feeling inadequate are not helpful things to focus on. It's important to acknowledge when these negative traits are not coming from within you are instead the result of external, negative influence. And don't let that negative influence override you. 

Doreen's Card May 6th (today):

Doreen explained this card as representing positive opportunities presenting themselves to you today and being open to help being given (by Heaven). 

I definitely feel more empowered to day, lighter, and honest in my soul. I had wondered/asked spiritually yesterday if retrograde had anything to do with the negative things I'd been experiencing and sure enough, today someone posted about it on Twitter: 

Dang it Mercury!!! As a Pisces this is the planet that rules over my sign and it's screwing me over. Stupid planet... 

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