Monday, May 2, 2016

2 Girls -30 Porcelain Figures

Several years ago I was visiting my dad at his house with my sister Emily. My dad had his friend over and he had brought his 2 daughters -aged between 6 to 8 years old. 

My dad sat them at the kitchen table and gave to them 30 porcelain figurines from his many Red Rose tea boxes he had collected over the years. Each box came with 1 unique figurine and he drank a lot of tea...

My sister and I sat across from the girls to watch over them while my dad and his friend were in the other room. 

About 5 seconds after being handed this pile of figurines, the older sister grabbed them ALL up and started sorting through them. "Hey what about me?! Don't I get any???", the younger sister asked. "Here you can have these 2...", the older sister replied handing the girl a Halloween pumpkin and a Christmas tree from the set. 

The younger sister frowned and said, "I want the horse...". The older sister the conceded and gave her a LAMB instead. 

After watching this for about 5 minutes, my sister then interceded. She took ALL of the figurines and piled them in front of herself. She then proceeded to evenly and randomly divide them up between the 2 girls. The older sister complained, "That's not fair." My sister attempted to explain why it WAS fair, but no one seemed to be listening. 

All I could think was how representational this was of the world at large:

#1 How often we are blessed with things unexpectedly we then come to expect and demand. As if the world were here to wait on us. 

#2 How GREED can divide people and lead people to selfishness without even thinking or trying. How the love of a sibling can be overshadowed by the promise of personal gain. 

#3 How we can lose site so easily over random objects and things that don't even really Belong to us. 

This Earth is not yours and it is not mine. The transient can never really OWN the eternal. This Earth has been around for millions of years. How old are you? 40? And when you die will this Earth still remain in your name? I don't think so. 

Cling to what genuinely matters. Cling to the soul within your chest. Unite with the souls of others. Let nothing divide you from that golden bond. Let nothing blind you from that love. 

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